Ugdymo kaina

Stojamasis mokestis – tai vienkartinis negrąžinamas mokestis, mokamas rezervuojant vietą arba prieš pradedant lankyti darželį. Kaina: 200 eur.

Lankymo kaina:

Stojamasis mokestis: 200 eur
Pilna diena (7:30-18:00): 360 eur
Pusė dienos (7:30-12:30): 300 eur

Maitinimo kaina:

Pusryčiai - 1,20 Eur
Pietūs - 3,55 Eur
Pavakariai - 1,75 Eur
Pavakariai alergiškiems vaikučiams - 2,70 Eur

    Lankymo nepilną savaitę kaina derinama individualiai.

    Visi lankantys vaikai yra apdrausti nuo nelaimingų atsitikimų darželyje ERGO draudimu.

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Pricing Packages

The pricing plans listed below fully reflect the variety of our learning programs and all included activities. If you would like to find out more about any of these plans, contact our managers.


Start Plan

$990 /month

8 am - 12 Noon Care

Without Meals

Science Classes

1 Educators

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$ 1190 /month

8 am - 12 Noon Care

3 Meals a Day

Science Classes

2 Educators

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$ 1390 /month

8 am - 12 Noon Care

4 Meals a Day

Science Classes

3 Educators

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Membership loyalty program

How to get Membership Discounts

A 2% reduction of the annual tuition is available for full payment of tuition by CHECK or CASH if paid by June 1, 2019. A 5% reduction of the annual tuition is available when enrolling a third child (or more) of the same parents.

Membership is a direct discount card and no loyalty points are give for any purchases. Membership is renewed every year with its expiry date fixed at 31st December of each corresponding year.

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